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In addition to photography, we provide a wide range of services necessary for filming wildlife and nature. As Brazilian nationals, we are familiarized with the culture in different places in Brazil and have a wide experience working in many areas of the country, such as the Amazon, Atlantic Rainforest, Pantanal and several locations on the coast and oceanic islands.

See below some our of services:



We conduct research of potential subjects and stories for films and contact local guides and researchers to check the possibilities and conditions for filming them.

Fixing, assistance, permits and translations

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We provide all fixing services (remote or in the field) necessary for productions. These include application for permits and licenses (such as ANCINE permits, State and National Park Filming Authorization, Drone licenses) and other documents, such as all production and drone insurance and risk assessments.

We also provide arrangement of filming locations, hiring vehicles, flight tickets, booking hotels and translations.




Our company has a wide range of filming and photo equipment available for hiring, including cameras, drones, image stabilizers, tripods, remote cameras, sliders, underwater lights and housing, camera lenses and filters, audio recording kit, etc. 

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